Ansom paint for every surface

Join the Cornish Mineral Paint™ revolution and Paint Everything using our (Paint Everything) Mineral Paint and New Wall & Ceiling Paint.

Both paint formulas are made using only the highest quality ingredients, including new bio-resins which replicate an acrylic finish without the use of plastics, contains plant-based ingredients, zero chemicals or toxins, and has very minimal VOCs (We're not allowed to state Zero VOCs, but this is true).

Cornish Mineral Paint™ is a UK Cornish family owned 'eco' paint line created by Reece & Joe (The Cornish Furniture painters) Est 2020.

We are on a mission to provide painters with the most sustainable paint available on the UK market. We have a passion for keeping our Cornish environment clean from toxins and making sure painters can use earth based paints without causing any harm to the environment or your health.

Both paint ranges are available in 30 ansome Cornish colour shades, which have been made using Cornish earth pigments and everything is handcrafted ere in Cornwall, by us.

The one 'eco' paint for every paintable job!

Why Cornish Mineral Paint™?

  • Paint Everything!

    Cornish Mineral Paints™ new can be used on all paintable surfaces, from plastic, wood, metal (including radiators), coated steel, cladding, brick, masonry, fiberglass, terracotta, stone, plaster, MDF, tiles, melamine, UPVC and so much more. The one paint for every job!

  • Minimal Preparation

    Our all-in-one formula has a built-in super adhesion primer & undercoat, meaning minimal surface preparation is required before painting. Give your surface a quick key with sandpaper and you will be ready to paint. Saving you much needed painting time and money.

  • No Top Coat Required

    A Built-In Premium Matt Bio-Resin (Plastic free) top coat has been added into our mineral paint formula. Once cured our mineral paint will leave you with a professional flat matt finish, minimal visible brush strokes & a durable finish.

  • Eco Paint & Ethos

    All our paints & Preparation/Finishing tools meet our strict environmentally friendly ethos. Made using only the finest materials, earth pigments and plant-based ingredients. Cornish Mineral Paint™ has Extremely low VOC content and is Children & Pet Friendly.

Paint Everything With cornish mineral paint

Mineral Paint

Cornish Mineral Paint™ is the UK's ‘Paint Everything’ DIY Mineral Paint developed by Reece & Joe ‘’The Cornish Furniture Painters’’. 

With minimal preparation, you can simply open a jar, dip in your paint brush and apply paint to all surfaces around your home.

Cornish Mineral Paint™ works on all surfaces, including: wood, metal, laminate, concrete, indoors, outdoors, MDF, tiles, kitchen cabinets and so many more.

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preparation for all surfaces and projects

Proper job Preparation Tools

Prepare and protect your projects the proper way using Cornish Mineral Paints Proper Job tools.

Strip away any unwanted varnish’s, old paint or even wax with our Biostrip. Prime your projects with our Ultimate Primer. Need to add extra protection for those heavy traffic projects? Use our Ultimate Varnish to seal and finish the Job, ansom.

All of our preparation tools are eco friendly, children & pet safe and all made using only 100% plant-based ingredients.

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achieve the perfect finish for your projects

Proper Job Finishing Tools

The perfect Cornish Mineral Paint™ companions. Reece and Joe have developed an earth-friendly range of finishing products ideally designed to be used alongside Cornish Mineral Paint™ to give you the best possible protection and added finishing touches.

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From the Cliffs of North Cornwall, where land meets sea.

From the North Cliffs of Cornwall, Where Land Meets Sea. Cornish Mineral Paints™ Shade palette showcases the best of Cornwall. 

Being a Cornish family, we get to experience Cornwall everyday. Creating Cornish Mineral paint™ meant that we got to share these beautiful landscapes with you all through our shade range.

From our Celtic folktales,with Sirens swimming in our seas, luring fishermen with their songs, to stories told by ancestors of the miners working deep within Poldark mine. 

Cornish Mineral Paint™ is not just a paint, all our colour shades have a story to tell and all have been inspired by these Stories.

Cornish Mineral Paint™ is handcrafted and made ere' in Cornwall, United Kingdom.